13 things that will make you a happier person.

Hello everybody  
My name is Emily and I am friend of Yagoda. She asked me if I would write something on her blog. I said why not: D So today I write something, I do not know if you will understand what I write, or mean. But I hope you will like it. So we start.

'' When greeted you last on a stranger, left your phone at home, or told your best friend that she is the world's most humble? Probably too long ago. There are so many of these "simple" things that you can do everyday to get yourself and others to feel better. And today we list the best tips. ''

1: Have a mobilfri day
When did you last without your mobile? And can you remember one day you was not connected or had any contact with SMS or apps? We constantly complain that we are constantly connected to our mobiles but never do anything about it. It is therefore time to introduce a mobilfri day when you can not even touch your phone! We promise that it will feel soooo good.

2: Talking to a strange
Do you health, smile or even talk to a stranger in town? If the answer is no, why not? Meetings with new people is something that can provide so much inspiration and joy. You have no idea what the person sitting next to you on the bus have the history or what man walking past you on the sidewalk has been through. Make sure to find out!

3: Giving out your number
It is not the first time we say it, but we do it rather one time too many. Dare to give your number to dream guy / girl that you see around town. We know that it feels scary but do you understand what fantastic kick then will get out of it? For what if that person you never dared to go until actually your perfect match.

4: Giving away stuff
Do you have lots of gadgets and clothes lying unused at home? If the answer to this question is yes, it is our best advice to give away some of these people who really need them. For about winter jacket anyway just there at home why not give it away to someone who can not afford to buy a winter coat this year.

5: The hug any
We must become better at hugging each other. And yes, we know that many people find it uncomfortable to hug people they do not have super close relationship. But the fact is that when we hug so pumped it out a substance called oxytocin in the body. It can be described as a purely happy pills. How good? Then hug the person you sit next to, NOW! (Throw yourself any time of the person so that it is really surprised) haha just kidding :P

6: To write a note to yourself
How often do you say to yourself that you are the best in the world? Probably far too seldom. Write a note that you always have in the fridge which you tell us why you are the best in the world and extremely lovable. Then read it every morning. This is the start of the day that all need and deserve.

7: To send a love-bomb
Now is the time to love-bombing. Take your cell phone (if you do not have your mobile free day) and start sending sms to all you think about. Tell them why you love them so much and give them your energy. You will have to get a really love the boost from this.

8: Close Social Media
To constantly be online on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not healthy then you constantly compare yourself with others, which is very stressful. Try to take a break and instead add time to relax and spend time with yourself or your friends. For in the end, it is surely the relationships that play a role? And not the ones you have by media?

9: Giving compliments - that does not have to look to make
Today is the day when you should give at least three compliments to the people for their interior. It is soooo important that we commend people by what they do and how they are rather than how they look and what they wear. Tell your colleague that you love her energy, tell the woman on the town that she has a nice laugh and say to the man at the gym that he has a fantastic desire. And hopefully you will get lots of compliments them back.

10: To focus on herself
Take a day when you're free, and make sure not to make any plans with someone other than yourself. To this day, you should be alone. Yes, that sounds scary but it's probably just what you need. Arrive at what you love and just do it, a whole day. It can be anything from a spa day to the craziest of activities. The only requirement is that you decide and that you build up the relationship with  yourself.

11: To smile
Do you know that man instantly becomes happier smile? Even if you are not happy at the moment. So if you're sitting in your office, school or on the bus right now and feeling a little down, drag the corners of the mouth upward. Do you know how everything gets a little easier? The fact is that the brain reacts to these movements and send out substances in the body that makes you easier regardless of mood.

12: Interacting with happy people
Yes it sounds cliché, but the best thing you can do to become a happier person is to socialize with other happy and energy dispersive people. You become namely that you hang out and you are affected extremely much of those around you. Make sure to surround yourself with great joy and exuberant friends and acquaintances. And do it now.

13: Listening
You servant much on being a good listener. You help others, sorts thoughts and learn new things. And if you give time to put yourself in other people's problems so you can hopefully get the same support when you need it myself.

So that was my 13 things that will make you a happier person. If you want I will write here sometimes so feel free to leave comments from you so I will read or Yagoda to say to me. Have a good. We heard sometime, kiss Emily <3


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